Friday, 25 October 2013

Interview: Michelle Sellick - Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at Mill Park Leisure

What do you do?
What don’t I do?! I’m a 47 year old fitness fanatic, mum of 2, working in an industry I love!

What is your definition of success?
Success to me means being able to say that you have achieved what you have set out to do, regardless of how large or small the goal

What are your thoughts on the parallels between business and sport?
I have no head for business at all but have recently become actively interested in the various ways that we, as PT’s, can use our (often limited!) business skills to attract more clients.

I think we can sometimes learn more from the mistakes we make. What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made along the way?  And what did you learn from this?
Quite possibly the biggest mistake I’ve made was not coming into the fitness industry until later in my working life! Having said that, my many years as a secondary school teacher set me up with a sound knowledge but more importantly, how to communicate effectively with people.

What do you think has enabled you to achieve success with the health and fitness industry?
My English charm! That and a hard work ethic, a willingness to learn constantly and my love of my job.

How do you consistently sustain performance in your business/career?
I believe that, in order to do this job successfully, you need to be able to practice what you preach. I stay fit, run almost every day, teach group fitness, eat well (mostly!) and get lots of sleep.

Tell me your thoughts about developing a successful team culture.
People need to be able to work alongside each other in the knowledge that we are all working towards the same goal. Our team at Mill Park is, in my view, successful because we have a great understanding of how we work and how all of us as individuals can contribute to the success of our goal – to help people achieve their own health and fitness goals.

Who has had the greatest influence on your career and what lessons did they teach you?
Many people have contributed along the way – my mum for encouraging me to keep fighting for what I wanted when the odds were against me attending university many years ago; my coach when I played netball at international level back in England; currently my partner Cleo for keeping me honest and ensuring that my massive ego is kept in check!

After a great result, how do you celebrate?
My family are everything to me – to spend time with Cleo and our kids (The Brady Bunch – there are 7 of us!) and a few close friends having a bite to eat, a few drinks and much laughter is a perfect way for me to spend my time.

What’s the most satisfying thing you’ve ever done and why?
Without a doubt, having my children. India and Harry entered this world in an unconventional way through donor insemination. They lead active, honest, full lives and continue to teach me on a daily basis – my life would surely have been incomplete without them in it.

What do you do outside of work to relax and wind down?
I RUN! Running for me helps me unwind and cheers me no end – when I’m inside however I love to watch a good movie with a nice glass of wine, Cleo lazing next to me, Archie snoring on the floor (Chocolate Labrador!) and Trevor purring on my lap!

Now’s the time for what we call the Turbo 10. Ten quick questions…
  • What is your favourite song? Going Under – Evanescence         
  • Favourite athlete? David Beckham                                         
  • Movie? Jaws                                                                        
  • Food? Lamb’s Fry and bacon with mash and mushy peas! (I know…don’t judge me!)        
  • Holiday destination? St Lucia to visit my sister Debs                 
  • Most recently read book? Gone Girl                                       
  • What really annoys you? The sound of my alarm!                   
  • If you could do anything you wanted; what would it be? Ensure my kids have a safe, stress-free life
  • The one thing you’d like to change in the world right now?      The distance that separates me from my UK family; Cleo to return to full health after surgery
  • Where would you like to be in 5 years time? In the absence of a lottery win, I’d like to see myself just as content as I currently am in both my working and personal life. At present, I could not be happier! 

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