Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What is Preva?

Preva is State-of-the-art software designed to personalize the fitness experience
Thousands of exercisers worldwide use Preva® to achieve their fitness goals. Preva allows you to track your fitness progress at the gym with on-console software or on-the-go with the Preva Mobile app.

Create a Preva account and take a big step toward your fitness ambitions in and out of the gym. Set a goal, earn rewards and track your progress automatically on Precor cardio equipment or with the Preva app.

Making it yours... works!™

Earn Badges to Keep You Motivated to Meet Your Weekly Goals

Stay motivated by earning badges as you achieve key milestones and reach your fitness goals.

Using the Preva Mobile app, you can share these badges on your favorite social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Join the hundreds of thousands of exercisers who have already unlocked Preva badges.

Achieve Your Goals with Preva Equipment Worldwide, and on Your Mobile Device

With 1,300 Preva-enabled fitness facilities and over 22,000 networked units across 56 countries, you can count on Preva to be wherever your fitness journey takes you. Don't forget to track your workouts and progress outside of the gym with the Preva Mobile app, whether you're racking up miles on a hike or burning calories doing yard work.

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