Friday, 20 September 2013

How many of you work for a company that promotes workplace health?

There are numerous ways workplaces can promote health. Some companies hire Personal Trainers to run lunchtime training sessions and offer staff a discounted rate. Others have regular workplace health checks, while some keep it simple and send out nutritional advice.

A few years ago I worked for a company who conducted yearly workplace health checks and skin checks which I thought was fantastic. Here at the Y, we run a free group training class for all the employees which includes nutritional advice and handouts.

According to Work Safe Victoria, absenteeism due to illness and injury costs Victoria $440 million every year. That is quite extraordinary. Research indicates that poor nutrition and physical inactivity, increase exposure to Musculoskeletal Disorders and can slow down recovery.

In our last eNews, I talked about men’s health and how Cardiovascular Disease is the number one cause of death in Australia and how changing your lifestyle can make a difference. Most chronic diseases are preventable or their onset can be delayed through regular exercise and good nutrition.

You’ll spend about 100,000 hours of your life at work, which equates to about 1/3 of your life, so workplace health is imperative.

Are you an employer of staff? How much do you think you would save on leave and how  much more productivity would your company gain if you invested in a workplace health regime?

If you don’t have anything set up and are interested in getting something started for your team please give me a call on 9404 4811.

Tristan Simmons
Healthy Living Director - Mill Park Leisure



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