Friday, 20 September 2013

Interview: Michelle Fisicaro - Personal Trainer at Mill Park Leisure

Hi all, my name is Michelle I'm one of the new trainers on the gym floor, but an old face as I have been a member at Mill Park Leisure for 10 years before doing my Fitness Certificates in 2012. But lets wind it back a bit…

I was born in Parkdale so have a penchant for the beach and I don’t like winter at all!!!!!

I met my gorgeous hubby 21 years ago. After we got married, we moved to Sydney for a couple of years where I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I find myself very fortunate to have gone through this process and have a clear health history in that area now, but it did lead to a couple of problems when we fell pregnant with triplets naturally. I delivered my first little boy Cooper at 21 weeks, sadly we lost him. We hung on tight to our other 2 babies who were born at 24 weeks, another boy and a girl. We lost Tyson at 8 weeks of age, but I have an amazing 14 year old daughter Mackenzie with a clear health history, so we are extremely lucky. It was an ordeal but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Within the next 2 years we decided to have another baby, this is with much decision as it meant I was to have an Trans Abdominal Suture through my uterus, to be able to carry another pregnancy. So cut a long story short, there was a joke should we put a zip in my abdominal region, for having had 9 operations in a matter of a few years.

Of course you giggle and laugh at it now but it took a toll on my exercising - this is why I like to keep in shape, as you never know what is around the corner. We also now have a gorgeous hazel eyed son Dante who is very cheeky and full of character. I wouldn’t change anything about my life…

Having had a few hiccups over the years, I have always known I wanted to be a Personal Trainer and so I decided to take myself back to school last year, after not having been at school for 30 years. I found this very daunting but it was last year or never…

So here I am at my second home! Instead of being a member I'm now here to help all our members with any health issues they may have or if its just to have a chat get something off their chest…  

1. What do you do?
I also work on Reception as well as Gym floor and Personal Trainer.

2. What is your definition of success?
Success is to see my clients walking out of here happy but knowing they have had an awesome workout and how we are training is working specifically for them and their needs.

3. What do you think has enabled you to achieve success with the health and fitness industry?
Being of a mature age has given me life skills to be able to talk to all types of people from all levels.

4. After a great result, how do you celebrate?
I spend time with my family because they are my greatest influence.

5. What’s the most satisfying thing you’ve ever done and why?
Having my children is the most satisfying as there was a stage we though we may not have children but also going back to school has helped me overcome some of my own hurdles with which I put up…

6. What do you do outside of work to relax and wind down?
Spending time with family and friends we like to be social on the weekends and especially when the warm weather comes….

7. Where do you see opportunity in the health and fitness industry in the next 5 years?
My goal is to learn as much as I can about the industry and to turn this into helpful information for our patrons…
8. Now’s the time for what we call the Turbo 10. Ten quick questions…
  • What is your favourite song? Over The Rainbow- Judy Garland
  • Favourite athlete? Cory Everson                                            
  • Movie? The Way We Were                                                    
  • Food?  Everything - Chocolate                                              
  • Holiday destination? Bali                                                      
  • Most recently read book? Women's Health                              
  • What really annoys you?  Housework                                    
  • If you could do anything you wanted; what would it be? I'm doing it!!!!!!!
  • The one thing you’d like to change in the world right now? A cure for cancer!    
  • Where would you like to be in 5 years time?  Still here having a wonderful time with my friends at Mill Park……      

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