Friday, 29 November 2013

The Festive Season

So I've now written quite a few articles talking about various topics including men’s health, time chunking, and small changes you can make to your everyday life which can have big impacts to your health. I'm now curious to know your feedback and how you have gone implementing some of those changes.

When we have lived our entire lives a certain way, it can be hard to change those habits even if we know our current habits can be detrimental to our health. Life is full of changes, some are small which we don't even notice while others are quite large; which we struggle to get use to, or we fight against making that change. I know it can be hard but you just need to be persistent, stay mentally strong and tell yourself you can do it. The changes I've suggested in previous articles may have been big changes for some of you and you may be having difficulty adapting to those changes, just hang in there and never give up. As humans we need to perform certain tasks numerous times before they become a habit. 

With the festive season fast approaching, making any more changes will be difficult, our normal daily routines are thrown out because some of us are on holidays while others only work a couple of days instead of the full week. Part of that routine they you miss out on is coming to the gym or attending a class. So here are some tips to help keep you working towards your goals while still enjoying yourself over the festive period.

1. Don't over eat - if your family gatherings are anything like mine then there is always plenty of food around so definitely enjoy yourself but try not to over eat.

2. Drink plenty of water - sometimes with all the celebrations we tend not to drink much water and if the weather is quite warm it doesn't take us long to become dehydrated so please make sure you keep yourself well hydrated

3. Maintain some sort of physical activity - there are many of you that will be holidaying somewhere and won't be attending the gym which is ok, we all need some time off. But that doesn't stop us from keeping are bodies moving. Walking along the beach is one example of something you can do. Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of equipment to take and use while on holiday. It's small, lightweight and doesn't take up much room.

4. Enjoy yourselves - having some time off is great for our mental health and gives us time to freshen up so have fun and enjoy – you deserve it!

Tristan Simmons
Healthy Living Director - Mill Park Leisure

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